Travel Bug

Jul 20, 2010

I have been bitten by the travel bug and I love it! We have recently been to Kalibo despite the typhoon Basyang that hit the metro the day before our flight. The family enjoyed the trip so much, they were already asking where and when we are travelling next. I wanted to say Hong Kong but I may not be able to keep that promise so I just replied, "Yo will know soon." My next booked flight is in to Coron, Palawan in October but I wish to travel to the United Kingdom and stay at this Bed and Breakfast Manchester. How lovely would it be to experience that? Of course, there is the fact that my husband still has to get his passport and getting a visa is not a walk in the park either. he is actually scheduled for interview in August but the visa is another matter altogether. But the travel bug has bitten me hard so it will be somewhere in the Philippines again this year and somewhere in Asia in the next two years. Good thing that my friends love to travel and they are always on the look out for airline seat sale just like me! One of these days, we will get lucky and we will finally set foot in Europe.

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