Mommy Moments: Toys and Gadgets!

Aug 27, 2010

mommy moments

Kids will always be kids. They can find the most amusing stories and play with the most basic of toys. But they can adapt to the most high tech of gadgets unlike us adults! I know because I still cant work a PSP properly while my son can play with my Samsung phone as though it was his!

When I was growing up, I have gumamela leaves, takip ng tansan, balat ng candy and lots of junks as my toys. I didnt feel inadequate back then and I know that despite the differences in gadgets and toys, the kids are happy with what they have!

4 comments: to “ Mommy Moments: Toys and Gadgets!

  • Clarissa
    August 27, 2010  

    When I was a kid,nagkakasya na ako sa patintero,habulan,etc with my friends.Swerte ng mga kabataan ngayon,they almost have fab gadgets at home!

  • Nortehanon
    August 27, 2010  

    Dinah! Ang laki na pala ng mga anak mo!

    This post took me down memory lane. Dagdagan ko ha: tsinelas na tinatalian para gawing bangka, lalagyan ng pulbos na binubutasan para maging laruang bus.

  • Chris
    August 27, 2010  

    yeah, kids now are so different... well, modern technology has arrived and changed lives! happy friday!

  • kimmy
    August 29, 2010  

    same here! i grew up in the province and had a happy childhood. i was already in grade 6 when i saw the first techy toy i've seen in my whole life, the 'game and watch', lol!

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