Reading vs Watching Movies

Aug 19, 2010

I just realized last night that I really prefer reading over watching TV or movies. I have lots of movies on my laptop because I download any movie that my family asked me to. Then I will convert it into a format that their PSP can play. The latest one that I have is the complete three seasons of the Avatar which my office mate gave me. I watched the movie which I liked although but I have only watched the first three episodes of the cartoons. Its good, but when my sister brought home a Cecilia Ahern book, you bet reading won. I gave my sister the laptop and I asked for the book. If only my kids can learn to love reading, then I will be a very happy mother! I am actually looking for articles on how to make children love reading over at Article Alley. It doesn't help that their father loves TV too much so I guess its really up to me to look for reasons for them to take up reading. I also know that reading is not something you can force to the kids but I do hope I can find some reading materials on how to make it interesting for them.

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