Accidents Do Happen

Sep 8, 2010

I read this line from a book somewhere, "you can find something truly important in an ordinary minute" and would have to agree that this is true. In the same breath, you may find yourself in an accident in an otherwise ordinary circumstance like commuting to work, crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk! That was what happened to this other motorcycle we were following just this morning. His passenger was his young son who was on school uniform and it was obvious that he was dropping off his son to school on his way to work. Then this Jeep just cut him off and his motorcycle hit the jeep and he and his son fell. Good thing he was driving slowly and both he and kid had their helmets on! As a mother, I felt my heart literally drop as I witness the danger they were both on! Luckily, the father lifted his son who seemed to be shaken but not hurt. My husband and I stopped and asked them if they were alright and then called a traffic officer! While we were on our way, I told my husband to check out this Car Insurance Los Angeles and see if there is another one near our area. I was still shaking that time and I know that with just a slight change of timing, that father and son could have been us! Accidents do happen really and it was a scary thought!

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