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Sep 21, 2010

I know I will draw some criticisms from this post, but I am sick and tired of hearing about the illegal gambling game called Jueteng. It has been on the news lately and even Archbishop Oscar Cruz is on the way to expose the brains behind the game. When I was still a child in Batangas, Jueteng was already flourishing then, and it has been flourishing even now. I don't know why they wont just legalize the game when the government even have an exact game like it: small town lottery. Now, it is being said that STL is being used as a front for Jueteng so why not legalize it already? This way, the government will have another source of income and they can get rid of the corruption. The problem, I know is that the church and a lot of conservatives are against legalizing it because they say that you make the poor gamble when they should be using it to buy food. But why did they allow Lotto then? I don't know about this argument, but I say that you let the person decide what to do with his money, as long as it is his money to spend. I have never tried gambling online, but I am not against the idea and I do not judge those who enjoy this because it is their money, their time and their choice. I even love to try those online casino slots and try my hand sometimes. If I ever get to Macau, visiting a casino would be on my list as well. I guess I just do not frown down upon gambling as much as some people do because I know myself and my limits. So I hope you can understand why I personally think we should just make Jueteng legal if they cannot eradicate it at all!

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