Christmas Postcards

Sep 8, 2010

I am one of those old fashioned people who are still very thrilled at receiving Christmas cards. I love holding them in my hands and seeing the handwritten greetings of people that I love. I also love receiving postcards from my friends abroad and sharing in their excitement at having visited a wonderful and new place. I think that I am with them in their thoughts while they were enjoying a beautiful place. Now when I think about these two things that I like, I realize that these could be made into a wonderful Christmas gift. I would ask a postcard printing service for personalized Christmas postcards of wonderful places in the Philippines! Since we have already visited Boracay and Bohol and would also go to Palawan soon, I would make them and send to my friends in other countries. I am sure they would appreciate the effort and the personalized touch. It would also be a good way to showcase and share the beauty of our country and hope that someday they could come and experience it. In this day of electronic age, I am sure there are still people who appreciate receiving personal notes from friends to touch their hearts and life.

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