Christmas Shopping

Sep 14, 2010

Its never too early to start Christmas shopping and I am now checking out sale at department stores and bazaars. Not only am I looking for gifts but my eldest kid asked me to find him a Green Laser Pointer that he will give to his friends. I need not remind him that it is bad when pointed directly at the eyes because he beat me to it. He said they will use it for a dance number during their intramural. So I guess I should be off hunting, right? On another note, it is good to know that morning TV shows are now giving safety gift giving ideas and age appropriate gifts. You wouldn't believe some gifts that my toddlers used to receive. Its like the giver does not wish for him another Christmas, seriously! There are also items being smuggled into the country which did not pass our safety standards but are being sold at ridiculous low prices in bazaars. While I am one for saving money, I cannot in my conscience buy gifts that could harm our kids. I just hope that other mothers will also take note to check the gifts that their kids may be getting if it is safe for their health. So, happy Christmas shopping everyone and always stay safe.

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