Exercise for Kids

Sep 2, 2010

My six year old daughter is on the heavy side and I encourage her to do lots of physical activities and play. Here she is with her jumping rope showing off some skills. It is so funny watching her because she can't really jump. She would jump, then step over the rope, then jump again! I had to show her several times but she still can''t get it. I guess her hand and feet coordination has to be developed more.And here she is with her hula hoop. She can make the hoop stay as long as possible and she does it very well. I, on the other hand can''t make the hula hoop stay on my hips longer than two spins! I guess she takes after her dad's dancing skills while I can't dance to save my life!

I hope that these exercises can help shed some of her baby fats. We also moderate her eating and has discouraged her from eating junk foods and chips by not letting any in the house. We also do not drink any softdrinks or sweet juices. I just hope that these efforts are enough. Do you have any tips? Please do share.

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  • Nortehanon
    September 03, 2010  

    Dinah, ang cute ng baby mo! Naku, don't worry, bata pa naman siya eh. I'm sure baby fats lang meron siya. Eventually, medyo mag-i-slim din siya.

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