I am Craving for...

Sep 17, 2010

... ice cream cake! We just had this mango flavored ice cream cake during my friend, Vangie's birthday lunch last week but I want one right now! This product is so good, there is no need for any more special ads to make it known. This post should be enough to make your mouth water and crave for it as well. This sells for less than 500 pesos and it is really good. Inside the cake is the mango flavored ice cream which is really good. We bought it at Robinsons Supermarket and if you want to bring this home, it can last frozen for 3 hours. The brand is Bake and Churn and they have a booth outside the supermarket.

Other than this ice cream cake, I also want Leche Flan, Halo-halo or Mais con Hielo. My place of work is very near the mall so I can really just go and get any or all of these. Good thing I can blog about this to get my mind off buying. I just hope nobody gets the same cravings; otherwise I will be on my way to buy one right this minute! Or maybe, since I am forever on a diet, I will just drink tea. Hay.

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