I dream of High Speed Internet!

Sep 8, 2010

I live in a third world country and I am not ashamed of that fact. I love the Philippines and I could not imagine myself living anywhere else in the world. But there are times when you just wish you were living in a first world country and enjoying the services of a wild blue high speed internet. My Internet connection at home has been intermittent, to say it kindly, for a week now! I have reported the problem to my provider but all that they could promise me is that they would check, and get back to me. So far, I have been using the free wifis at malls and at Internet cafes for important online stuff, but I still dream of high speed Internet at home. Yes, I dream of it and wish that my government can find a way to provide its citizens with high speed Internet as a matter of right. My friends who have been abroad are amazed at the service abroad and can only wish the same for us here. If only that transaction between the government and a foreign Internet provider was not mired in controversy and corruption, then maybe we could have been enjoying a high speed Internet now!

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  • Armil@high speed internet provider
    December 20, 2010  

    I totally agree with that, Philippines really has a frustrating internet connection. Sometimes I also think that my money that I'm going to pay for the bill is not worth it. But still it's okay I know someday, there will be a time for us to say things are already okay.Thanks for sharing!

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