Last Will and Testament

Sep 14, 2010

Okay, this is just a dream so please indulge me. I want to leave my earthly possessions to my three kids and my remaining family and since I have lots of properties, I would need the services of an Austin Probate Lawyer. I also properties all over the country and around the world! But seriously, I don't know what happens when common people like us dies and we have no last will on how our properties are to be divided. Since I have seen how families get destroyed because of this confusion, I vow to make it easy for my kids. Instead of leaving them one house, I will try to buy three houses, one for each of them. I will also buy three cars, three vacation houses and three of everything so they wont have to fight over anything. Should I have cash and other liquid assets, I will ask my lawyer to divide everything into three, up unto the last centavo. And if I have no property to divide over the three of them, I will just try my best to shower them with the love of a mother to last them a lifetime and beyond. Now, that is a more realistic and plausible plan.

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