Mommy Moments: Grand Parents

Sep 17, 2010

mommy moments

My kids are are blessed to have two wonderful and loving grandmothers. They are pictured below having lots of fun in Boracay last July. We really had a blast, and my mother-in-law even forgot to call this Self Storage Ipswich that her cousin asked her to arrange the storage of their mother's stuff. But who cares, they were there when we got back. Anyway, so its obvious that they had fun right?

In the picture below, my mom is the one on the left and my husband's mom is on the right. We live in a compound and my MIL is our neighbor. My mom lives with us and helps us with the kids. She also sells barbecue at night and that helps a lot with our finances.

My kids are very close to their grandmothers. Unfortunately, they have never experienced having a Lolo. My father died when I was in high school and my husband's dad died some years ago but he was not living near us.

I know that the love of their grandmothers are enough for my kids.

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