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Sep 2, 2010

I am mother of three kids, one of which is 13 years old and I want to honestly say that I don't understand what he is learning in school anymore! I am sorry to say that I am no help to him when it comes to his homework and lessons. When I was in school, I understand the concepts of a probability calculator, equivalent fractions, prime factorization and the like. But having learned these concepts 15 years ago and having no reason to use them in real life or in my line of work, they are now just vague ideas to me. I can no more tell my son what a line plot is, let alone teach him linear programming. I can still remember what an isosceles triangle and a bar graph is, but I still cant teach him to solve the formulas and problems. I know that I need to get tutors for my son to give him some help that I cant provide. And I am not talking about getting just any tutors: I meant getting an online tutor to make the learning experience fun and exciting for him. Kids love to play with computers and giving him an interactive teacher would stimulate his interest for the lessons at hand. I can teach my son history and English but Math concepts are now alien to me so I think those are the lessons that I need to get for him. Good things online tutors like are just a click away! They even offer free trials that I will sure check out now.

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  • mnjkr123
    September 02, 2010  

    I am an online tutor and would be willing to teach your kids. I can do a very good job about the same. I would make sure that they preform well in school.

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