Real Living

Sep 8, 2010

I love Real Living Magazine but I don't have a subscription so I always buy back issues. We have a subscription here at the office anyway so I don't need to buy the new issues right away. One of the main reasons why I love the magazine is because of the real life home makeover. If I have been living in my own house for two years now, instead of renting at my mother-in-laws, I would have joined their makeover contest! One of my favorite issues is this one house which is I think just the same size as mine. I love the Dining Room Chairs that they gave the winners, aside from the free makeover of course. I kept the copy of that issue because I want the cabinets, the paint, the lighting and almost everything. I want to have my carpenter copy the cabinets and the kitchen design, and the painter to copy the paint job. Good thing the color of my house is the same as the house in the makeover. I am still looking at more issues of real living for their do-it-yourself tips and more house decorating ideas. Just recently, I saw this hanging lamp that I liked and when I checked out the price in Handyman, I was so happy because it was within my budget. So expect me to check out more Real Living magazines for more of these!

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