Sparkly Vampire

Sep 2, 2010

While others are excited about Christmas, I am more excited about Halloween and the costume possibilities for my kids and myself. I have three kids to dress for their school party and I would love for them to be sparkly vampires! Yep, mommy loves Edward and Bella and my kids are game to dress up as them. I have been watching the movies to check out the costumes that would make them look like cool, sparkly vampires and I found some Halloween Contact Lenses to add to the touch! Aside from making them wear the costumes to their school party, I would also love to dress up with them and visit some malls with Halloween contests. We could come us a vampire family, complete with the indifferent attitude and win us some prizes! It would be a good, memorable and fun family activity. I just wonder if we should dress my husband as a vampire or as a werewolf. Ha ha, endless possibilities indeed and that is what I love most about Halloween. I would also love to attend some blogger events with themed costumes for couples. It would be fun to do something as mindless and cool as this!

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