A Thai Kitchen Buffet Lunch

Sep 6, 2010

We had lunch at Thai Kitchen last week with friends just because we felt like eating out for a change. Our office is located very near Robinsons Galleria so we just to get down from building to eat out.
We chose Thai Kitchen because Mr. Choi's was full and we didnt like to wait. At Thai Kitchen, we tried the P250 per head buffet. The salad was good, but there were very few choices.

This was my plate. Since they have a no-left over policy, I was forced to finish them all, ha ha!

It was okay but very remarkable. If you ask me, I will not eat there again because there was nothing special about the food. The desert was just 2 kinds of fruit and three more delicacies.The food was okay, but the company of friends was great!

Have you tried Thai Kitchen? How was it for you?

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  • Anonymous
    July 30, 2012  

    Finally able to try this today. Satisfied my curiosity, but not my palate. The menu is “Thai” inspired, but not Thai enough, judging from the (lack of) spices. Dishes lack the characteristic “sting”. It approximates the thai style. Their mini Chicken pandan is one that no self-respecting Thai will own up to. It tastes like it was marinated for 2 minutes, then steamed or baked. Very bland. The salads are ok. It’s sad to think that’s probably what the bargain price is worth. Ok lang sana to charge more if it’s worth it. Some of the soups are cold! is it so difficult to light up those chafing dishes? It certainly can fill up your tummy – but will I go back? Probably not.

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