TV Time!

Sep 9, 2010

Tomorrow is a holiday in the Philippines in celebration of the Feast of Ramadan or Eid'l Fitr. And it means, my kids can stay up as late as possible to watch TV. And since we don't usually enjoy the same shows, I will just check out Free TV Online. My kids would surely be watching comedy shows but I would like Glee or How I Met Your Mother. My husband would prefer to watch basketball or the live billiards tournament coverage where some Filipinos like Efren Bata Reyes are competing. Good thing that my sister does not care much for TV and would rather read a book. It means lesser competition, ha ha. But lest you think we are TV addicts, my kids don't stay up too late during school nights. They are in bed before 10 pm and are up at 5am. That is why I allow them some TV time during Fridays and Saturdays. They don't stay up that late though. I guess the latest that they could stay and watch would be until 11pm. But they are still up at 7am even when there are no classes. But I would not discuss the TV watching habits of my husband here because that would require another post.

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