Weekend Warriors

Sep 15, 2010

My husband and I are weekend warriors. We are currently renting a house in Quezon City, but we have our own house in Montalban. We go there most of the weekends to supervise the construction or to do things ourselves. This weekend, we will go there to paint the house with primer. We were there last weekend to apply concrete neutralizer and to clean up a little bit. There is not enough money yet to do all things at once so we prioritize what needs to be done. First on the list are the tiles for the restroom and the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets of course. I saw this nice cabinet doors and I already know that this is what I want for my house. Since I want to save money and my carpenter may not get the design exactly, I need to ask for wholesale cabinet doors. There are unfinished cabinet doors that are cheaper but I am not sure that I like them that much. As much as possible, I don't want to comprise what I really want just because I want to save on the money. This is going to be our home anyway. Still, what I can save I can use to purchase that dining set. Hmm, what do we do now, weekend warriors? I guess we need to think about this very hard.

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