Mommy Moments: Before and After

Oct 29, 2010

mommy moments

This is my son Dannie, their cousin Danica and my daughter Denise. This was taken in 2007.

And here they are now, taken last October during our company's Family Movie Day! They grow up so fast!

We really should cherish each moment with our kids because they will soon become too big for us to hug! And I hope that time wont come too soon, or not at all!

Recycling at the Polling Precincts

Oct 28, 2010

These plastic segregation containers were at the gate of the school where we voted last Monday, and it was one hell of a good idea! Since people were still giving out leaflets despite the prohibition, you end up with lots of papers on your hands on the way to the polling precincts that would otherwise litter the school if not for this. A group of students were also armed with brooms and dustpans to collect more trash in front of the school. They said that the proceeds will be used to fund one of their projects.
I wish more people would have these kinds of initiatives during election time so that not only do we minimize trash that could clog our drainage, but also raise money for a good cause!

Watery Wednesday: Kayangan Lake, Coron

Oct 27, 2010

Here is my husband taking a dip at the pristine waters of Kayangan Lake in Coron, Palawan. I love the water because it was cold and although it was deep, we were all wearing the same life vest so were happy even though we do not know how to swim!

Coron Palawan is one the places in the Philippines that I would everybody to see. Its just so beautiful there! I want to go back soon!

What is sad about the Barangay Elections?

Oct 26, 2010

If the barangay officials are the closest we could get to our public servants who are bound to serve us and uphold our laws, then it is a sad day indeed when they are using children to go around those very laws. I took these yesterday on my way to the polling precincts, and I noticed that kids are the ones leaf letting for these candidates! Despite the reminders from the TV networks that this prohibitid, you see these kids, no doubt allowed by their parents to do the job of adults to go around the prohibition! This is really, really sad and sick!

Nakakainis di ba!

BEWARE: Scam Western Union Email!!!

I have been getting this email from a Mr. Rodney Lawson who would like to tell me that I have been awarded so and so amount of money. I know that this a scam. The email address is from a Juan Felipe Cabra Cortes, with email address but the reply to is This is the whole text of the email:

Dear Western Union Customer,

You have been awarded with the sum of $50,000 USD
by our office, as one of our customers who use Western
Union in their daily business transaction.

This award was been selected through the internet, where
your e-mail address was indicated and notified. Please
provide Mr Rooney Lawson with the following details
listed below so that your fund will be remited to you
through Western Union.

1. Name:______________
2. Address____________
3. Country:___________
4. Phone Number_______
5. Occupation:________
6. Sex:_______________
7. Age________________

Name: Mr Rooney Lawson


As soon as these details are received and verified,
your fund will be transferred to you. Thank you, for
using Western Union®

Best Regards,

Mr Rooney Lawson

Please never, never give these information to unknown people on the internet because everything that you worked hard for maybe taken from you by these scammers.

LP 122: Tahimik

Oct 22, 2010

Napapansin nyo din ba na kapag pumasok kayo sa simdahan e automatic na nagbubulungan kayo at sadyang tumatahimik? Ganoon ako e. Sobrang behave sa simbahan.

Kuha ito sa Loay Church sa Bohol. At may ikakasal nuon kaya doble tahimik ako.

Mommy Moments: Blowing Bubbles

Oct 15, 2010

mommy moments

Yes, Ishi is under water and is blowing bubbles while doing a "Japan, japan" pose. She is kikay that way, ha ha! My kids also love blowing bubbles using just soap and water and with those that we buy, but I dont have a picture of them doing it so I hope this qualifies :-)

This was taken last Friday during her educational tour at Falcon Crest in Bulacan.

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Oct 12, 2010

I am hungry and I want these now. Hmmmmm. This was taken at a restaurant in Tagaytay last November when we had our department's team building. Yes, it was as delicious as it looked!

I want, want, want one now!
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Take the Pink Ribbon Challenge

Oct 7, 2010

Re posting to spread Breast Cancer Awareness.

pink ribbon

October is breast cancer awareness month. As a health care worker, I see and dealt a lot of patients even friends going through the battle of breast cancer. This month I would like to join the pink ribbon challenge. Just click the pink ribbon to help one woman save life by getting free mammogram. If you may join with me and pass the pink ribbon challenge. These links are ONLY for "Pink Ribbon Challenge" participants, any links not related to the Pink Ribbon Challenge will be deleted. Grab the code at Things We Share and post it in your blog entry. Please post only the Pink Ribbon Challenge actual post link here and help The Breast Cancer Site and National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. by spreading the Pink Ribbon Challenge.

What's Missing?

Oct 6, 2010

This is my house in Montalban Rizal and we are building it little by little. We do what we can, with what we have. So last month, we finished painting the walls with primer. We will go there again one weekend and paint it with the color that we have decided on. But other than the ceiling and the tiles, what else is missing? Cabinets, decors, table set and a lot more! Obviously there are still a lot of things to do and buy here but I will start by looking for cabinet doors, and i think wholesale cabinet doors are cheaper. I can even get unfinished cabinet doors and then we will just paint it to match the color of the house. This is the way to build a dream house when you have no budget: you do it little by little.

The kitchen counter is the unpainted portion of the room at the far end. After tiling the counter, we will scout for a good carpenter to do those cabinets right away.
Then the rest of the house, like these bare walls of the rooms must have something on them to make it look interesting. I am thinking of decorating this with our travel photos.
I am frustrated with the lack of funds in building this house, but I am amazed that we are even able to buy stuff for it. I mean, we have 3 kids in school and we are paying a house mortgage and rental, and a monthly installment on our motorcycle and we are just ordinary employees! I guess God really provides for all our needs!

When Your Child is Taller Than You Are

Oct 4, 2010

...then that is the time to tell him "I Love You," everyday. Sooner than later, he will have somebody else telling him that, apart from Mommy. But ooh, I wish that comes much, much later!
Time flies so fast and now my eldest will be a tween next year. I hope that I have been a good mom to him and he will remember my words when he becomes a teenager. I hope that he realizes his full potential as a person and find his place in the world. I guess that is a parent's greatest wish for their kids.

Mommy Moments: Jump Shot!

Oct 1, 2010

mommy moments

Wow, perfect Mommy Moments theme for me because because we love jump shots! I think this is the latest one we have of them jumping for joy: when we went to Boracay last July as a family. Its a lot difficult to do a jump shot while in the water so my daughter and younger son had a low take off! But look at my eldest!

Of course, a family that jumps together, stays together!

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