Christmas Gifts For the Kids

Nov 4, 2010

Their Halloween Costume during trick or treat.

Its only 51 days to go before Christmas and we should all be starting that most important list of all, our gift list! Good thing there are lots of mall sales and bazaars in the metro that we don't need to go to crowded areas like Divisoria to do our Christmas shopping. But I find it really special shopping for gifts for my own kids. Last year, they received a PSP, a bike and art materials and they loved them. This year however, since my eldest is now twelve and will be a tween next year, I plan to get him Air Jordans for Christmas. You know how important it is for teenagers to belong with their peers and since most of his friends are talking about Jordan Shoes and Pacquiao shirts and stuff like that, I will just get that for him. Good thing I know where to find those Cheap Jordan Shoes, and I don't have to dent my budget too much! For the younger ones, I will ask them to prepare a wish list, and if they are especially good kids, I will buy all the stuff on their list! I know that they wont be asking for expensive toys because my other son who is turning eight this November only asked for Sudoku booklets. My little girl only wants more coloring books and a new set of crayons and pencil case so I can easily get that for her as well.

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