Christmas Wish List#1 Mantel Clocks

Nov 15, 2010

Its just 40 days before Christmas and for the first time, I am publishing my wish list for this year. I heard or maybe read somewhere that it is a lot better to say directly what you want and maybe get it, than drop hints and be disappointed. Besides, I am sure that my husband will never in a million years guess that I would want mantel clocks for Christmas. But I saw this beautiful clock in my friend's study and I loved it! It was carved in an old wood that gave her study a certain aura. I cant describe it, but I am sure that the mantel clock made the room and the decors come together. When I asked my friend where she got the mantle clock, she said it was a gift from her father who used to keep the clock in his office and gave it to here when he retired. So I guess other than being a prefect room decor that tells the time of course, there was also a bit of family tradition there. For me, I want a mantle clock for my study at home, just to remind me of my family. My husband can choose the design as he fit for my personality and the room. No need for a wrist watch Sweetheart, a mantle clock it is!

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