I am so mad I can sue!

Nov 19, 2010

I am so down at the moment. My feelings are alternating between sadness and madness because I discovered just now that somebody stole my running shoes from the gym's locker. Well, I am really not sure yet if somebody took it on purpose or by accident but it is gone and I missed gym this lunch time. I was really so mad I can sue! Unfortunately, my lawyer friend is busy with a Chinese drywall law suit and cannot help me at the moment. And even if she can help me, we wont know who to sue over my running shoes, ha ha. I really want to believe in the innate goodness in men and think that it was just taken by accident and it will be back on its shelf by Monday. My office mates are trying to make me smile by telling me that maybe the person who took it is just too envious of my apparent weight loss. That made me smile and think that I am indeed lucky that I am only missing a shoe and not my feet! Now, I should help my friend in that law suit so I have to go research some stuff!

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