Love: Life is Short!

Nov 11, 2010

My friend was telling me about this neighbor who had a heart attack, who just the other day was still up and about. We both lamented at how short life is because of what happened. I know it is such a cliche, but indeed everyday that we wake up is a gift, another chance to experience what life has to offer. And so here are 3 things that I promise myself that I will do everyday:

1. Hug and kiss my husband and my kids everyday and say I love you to them every chance I got.
2. Do fun things with them and share smiles and laughter.
3. Pray with them.

These are such easy things to do and will not take any extra effort on our parts because we do them everyday out of love for our family. We just have to be reminded sometimes that life is short and we must not take for granted that we always have tomorrow to do these things and just do it right now. And speaking of things to do now, an Online Life Insurance is one more thing that we should think of getting now! Again, life is too short so make right choices!

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