Our Own Business

Nov 8, 2010

My mother sells barbecue in front of our house. She has been doing this for around thirty years now, since when I was in elementary. And now that she is 55 years old and not in the best of health already, it might be time for her to quit. But since this business is a big part of our lives, I don't want to stop it just because my mother cannot do it anymore. I am thinking of making it our own family business. We can hire people to do most of the job while my mother will just supervise the operation. My contribution will be to provide the capital and to look for a good location. Unfortunately, we cant find a good location that is within our budget. One of our requirements is that the place should be at least near our house so my mother can still look after my kids (school age) but mind the business at the same time. I also plan to offer our products for events like birthdays and office parties. Even now while we are only selling from outside our house, we get bulk orders for parties and my mother even have to decline sometimes because she cant do it on her own. My sister who works at an office in Ortigas frequently order for their office gatherings. I am also thinking of getting for my mother some restaurant business cards so she can give away to her more bigger clients. I hope I can find a good location soon especially now that Christmas season is upon us!

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