She is a Healer

Nov 3, 2010

This is my youngest daughter Ishi and she is turning seven next year. This early, we know that she is either going to be a nurse or a physical therapist. She has healing hands and she gives a great massage. Whenever my husband or I have a headache, we would just ask her to rub the spot for us, and as soon as she laid her hands on us, the pain would disappear! I know its too early for me to be thinking of her college course or profession but I can say that she is really a healer. And she would look very nice in those white nurse uniforms. I can already imagine her in those cute scrubs clothing that are now fashionable looking. Good thing that they have improved from those drab looking green scrubs that nurses used to wear. Now, nurses look too cute in their girly scrub tops!
But aside from having great healing hands, she also loves playing nurse with her dolls and even when her brothers are sick. She would volunteer to get their temperature and wet towels for their forehead. She is also very good at touching her brother's forehead to check if they are hot to touch. I know my little girl will soon become a productive member of our society, as one of those kind-hearted nurses that we all need!

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