Time to Start A-Saving!

Nov 11, 2010

I was bloghopping when I saw Fitz Villafuerte's post about his piggy bank and I realized that is one great idea for me to save so I can finally pay for my webhosting. I have been writing in this blog for two years now and I think I am really, finally should be able to take the next step in blogging: that is get my own domain. It is one of my immediate plans for the next year. I have to start saving to be able to do it because we are also building our house now and there are always bills to pay. I like Fritz' idea of saving because it will also help me develop my discipline. I plan to put all five-peso coins that I will have during the day into my own piggy bank. I will make one over the weekend and maybe post a picture next time. I plan to start my piggy bank by Monday and I know I need not wait until New Year to make this resolution. There is really no point in waiting because I have made up my up mind that I will have that money to pay for webhosting in two months! And I think that I will develop it into a habit so I can save enough money for my other 3 blogs. So, let start a-saving!

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