Whay will you do with P600M?

Nov 23, 2010

The biggest prize in Philippine Lotto history could very well reach the P600M mark since nobody got lucky with the 6/55 draw combination of 17-19-22-25-37-50 last night, November 21. My mother, who I think only gets up in the morning so she can bet on the lotto (joke!) only got three correct numbers and won P150 for her efforts. When we heard in the news this morning that nobody won, my husband said that they should just give the money to charity as this is already too much money for just one person. Now, we are also betting on this game because of my mothers enthusiasm but the amount of money one can possibly won makes you think of what you will do with it. I came up with this list:
1. Buy a house and lot in an exclusive subdivision and move there for security purposes.
2. Buy a car for the family.
3. Finish the construction of the dream house to my hearts desire, where cost is no more a problem. This will not be sold because of sentimental reasons.
4. Hire an investment manager and a lawyer to help manage and invest the money.
5. Build a church, a health center, a livelihood training center and a public school inside Dela Costa Homes in Montalban under a foundation created for my deceased father.
6. Send the kids and my sister to good schools and provide adequately for their needs.
7. Buy for my mother whatever she wants. Knowing her, this wont be too many nor too much.
8. Travel once a year as usual.
9. Start a business.
10. As much as possible, keep quiet about all of it.

I saw on TV the story of one lotto winner who won 85 million but lost it all after several family members got sick. If any of my family members will get sick or die in exchange for my winning the lotto, then no thanks. I don't want it, nor do I need it! I would rather have my happy family than more money than I could even dream of spending.

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