Christmas Wishlist # 2: Family Trip

Dec 8, 2010

I am turning 34 next year and my passport has yet to get a departure stamp. So second on my Christmas wish list is an out of the country trip. I would love to go on a uk break with my family. Of course, this may not be within my budget right now but we can dream right? And it is really a dream vacation for me. I want to stay at this country side lodge where my boss stayed some years ago. She was telling me that it was really very homey and very relaxed and the kids would love the English country side. It was straight-from-the-book kind of place for her and I want to stay there too. I would also love to visit historical places in the UK, and visit parks and museums and go shopping too! I am sure would love to see these places that they have only seen in movies. I know that we have to save a lot for this and it may take us years, but a dream is a dream and somehow, we can make it happen! So if anybody out there is reading this and wants to share their blessings by making a family very happy, then why don't you gift us with a family trip to UK? Hint, hint!

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