Holiday Get-away!

Dec 20, 2010

Its only five days to go before Christmas and the city is so busy and full of people doing their shopping, attending parties and eating lots of food! I havent even shopped for my friends and families yet! I have no more time to visit bazaars and so I think I will just give them their gifts after Christmas. I am so tired already and I just wish that instead of being this busy, I can just say goodbye to the city and spend the holidays with my loved ones, even just for the weekend! I wonder how much are villa rental in nearby resorts? We were in my sister's house last weekend and the kids enjoyed the time with their cousins very much. I am sure they would love it more if we all stay in a resort and just leave the bustle of the busy city for a while. I need to re-charge and I hope that I can do this before work resume next year. Of course, our wedding anniversary is in two days so I hope my husband can read this and get my wish for a gift, ha ha! And it doesnt even have to be just the two of us because I want my whole family with me!

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