Logos for Your Blogs

Dec 21, 2010

When I entitled my blog To be To be Tutubi, I was hoping for it to be different and catchy. However, I am using blogger and while it is user friendly, I cannot design a logo of my own. I was hoping for an original dragonfly (Tutubi) logo, but I don't know how to make one. I think that I need the help of Logo Designers to execute what I have in mind. The one that I am using right now has butterfly instead of dragonfly and while it can also suit my need, I still wish for a logo for the latter. Anyway, the To be To be portion of the blog title can mean that I am trap in a cocoon and still unsure of what I might be so a butterfly can really be okay too. I envy those who know how to design their own blog from scratch and can make their own logos. For those like me who are still learning a lot of things but would love to make their blog stand out, then these designers are still my best bet. I just hope that they can really capture what I have in mind and that the logo fits my blog!

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