I Want A Frappe!

Dec 30, 2011

Been having this frappe for two days already and I want one now! I deserve it, calories and all. Will start counting calories again next year but in the meantime, I want a frappe! Can you say its Christmas when its so hot outside!

Our 14th Anniversary Celebration

Dec 29, 2011

My husband and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary last Friday. It was actually not planned because we had a very difficult time together on the run in to this date but things are much better today. Since it was also last day of work for the weekend, I brought the kids with me to work and we had lunch with my sister and her kids. Then my mom and sister also went to meet us late in the afternoon so they can join us for dinner. We went to Greenhills shopping center so the kids can watch the show. Either they were too old or the show is bad, but they didn't like it. We were supposed to eat dinner at Chic-Boy but we were already too tired to go out of Greenhills so we just ate at one of the food stalls there. We choose this tapsilogan and we loved it! And my husband also bought this kikiam and fried dumplings which was so good too!
While it was just a simple family dinner and no special celebration, we enjoyed our anniversary because of the gift of family which is what this is all about anyway!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Dec 28, 2011

Christmas is not about the presents wrapped under the tree, but the family present under the tree, wrapped up in each others love! Happiness is:
1. Our 14th wedding anniversary.
2. Simple family celebration over tapsilog in Greenhills.
3. All the gifts that I received even though I gave none this year except to my kids, mom and sister and my inaanaks.
4. All the gifts and monies that my kids receive.
5. Their happiness at receiving anything!
6. Their excitement over opening their gifts.
7. My mom getting teary-eyed over my simple gift.
8. The 24" lcd tv that my husband won at their office Christmas raffle.
9. Its mine now. His anniversary gift daw. Kuripot!
10. Not knowing how to be far away from my family on Christmas day and knowing that my kids are happy with what we have are the best gifts that I have received this season.

I am sad for those who are far away from their kids on Christmas day and I know that no amount of money or gift can ever compare with the presence of your loved ones beside you. And so I admire more those who have to work abroad and in far away places and those left behind, for their sacrifice.

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Santa Candy Holder

Dec 26, 2011

My officemate Vangie won this super cute Santa candy holder at one of the office parties in pur building! We love it so much because it so cute and super useful. Her niece would surely love it on their Christmas table. Oh, and candies not included :)
Happy Mellow Yellow everyone! Merry Christmas!

All I Want for Christmas

Dec 25, 2011

If there is anything that I would want for Christmas, it would be to see my kids happy. And I am very thankful because I got my wish! My kids are happy and healthy and they do not want anything extravagant this Christmas. They have new clothes and simple gifts. They requested their favorite dishes for noche buena, like fried chicken, shrimp in chili sauce, grilled fish and pasta and we had a nice family meal after going to church. It was a simple celebration, but made meaningful by the fact that we are together as a family. I guess I cant ask for anything more than that! So Merry Christmas everyone and remember that its not the gifts, but Jesus being in our family and our lives that matter today!

Happy 14th Anniversary!

Dec 23, 2011

My husband and I are celebrating our 14th anniversary today. But we have been through something very difficult in our relationship just recently and so the usual excitement surrounding this occasion is somewhat strained. We are working on it, as couples do. But that is no reason not to be thankful for the 14 years we have been blessed with 3 wonderful kids! So, happy anniversary to my husband and my we reach forever!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Dec 21, 2011

If you want to be happy, be. As I am. Happiness is:
1. All those Christmas parties
2. All those Christmas presents
3. All those food
4. The Sunday get-together with friends and families at Rona's
5. Wrapping up presents
6. Not winning any raffle prize, ha ha.
7. Winning blog contests twice in row!
8. Ham from my sweet boss. Yes, I only need to buy Quezo de Bola!
9. Only gaining 2 lbs so far because of the daily 5k run! Win!
10. Being wooed.

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Eslendre's IPL and Whitening Package: A review, Part 1

Dec 16, 2011

I got for myself 5 vouchers from CashCash Pinoy for their deal: "Only P 250 instead of P1,800 for an Intense Pulse Light (IPL)! + Whitening Package at Eslendre! Choose from upper lip, beard, underarm, and bikini line!" and here is actually my review of my first and second visit. So that none of you will expect much, there is really no whitening part to this deal and it was just IPL. The whitening of your underarm will just be a result of the IPL treatment. With that out of the way, let me tell you how the procedure was for my underarm IPL:

Before an IPL:
1. Do not shave or pluck and just let the hair grow normally.

During an IPL:
1. If you are wearing a deodorant, the therapist will wipe it off.
2. If the hair growth is long, she will cut if off.
3. She will apply a generous amount of ultrasound gel to the underarm.
4. You will be asked to wear an eye protector.
5. She will zap the area with the machine below and will repeat the procedure for both underarm.There was a slight pain when she zaps the hair, like being hit with a rubber band. Then the therapist will wipe off the gel and you are good to go. The procedure took less than 15 minutes.

After an IPL:(I was given a paper with the following instructions)

1. Refrain from plucking and waxing during treatment regimen.
2. Refrain from using any products that contains AHA and any exfoliation products from 12 weeks.
3. Avoid aggressive scrubbing, use of exfoliants, scrub brushes and loofa sponges after your treatment. You could cause permanent damage like scarring, hyper-hypo pigmentation and possibly infection.
4. Use hydrating moisturizes as often as needed.
5. You may also use cool packs for any swelling or inflammation.
6. No sun exposure for two weeks before or 72 hours post treatment using SPF 45 at minimum during treatment regimen.

I will write on a separate post my comments about Eslendre and its facilities and the therapists later.

Update: Part 2 of the Eslendre Review.

LP 180: Kapit

Dec 15, 2011

Sana, tayo ay parang bata na mahigpit ang kapit kapag natatakot, pero kayang bumitiw kapag sinabi mong, 'Okay lang yan Anak, sasaluhin ka ni Mommy.'
Buo ang tiwala sa mga taong mahal nila, na kahit kailan sila ay sasaluhin, at hindi hahayaang malaglag. Nakakainggit ang kanilang kakayahang magtiwala.
Sana, ako ay isang bata upang kaya kung bitawan ang mga bagay na masakit nang maging bahagi pa ng aking buhay. Pero natatakot kasi ako, baka walang sumalo kapag bumitiw ako sa pagkakakapit.
Sana kaya nating maging batang muli.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Dec 14, 2011

Happiness is a decision and despite problems, I choose to count my blessings! Happiness is:
1. My kids for their unconditional love.
2. My mom for her faith in me.
3. My sister's Kris and Diane for their support and love.
4. My friends for their understanding.
5. My blogs for keeping me sane.
6. My job for the money, ha ha.
7. My wonderful bosses for the sanity!
8. Christmas gifts for the love.
9. Contest prizes for keeping the blogging alive, hehe.
10. For knowing what I am worth.

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Danniel's First Holy Communion

Dec 13, 2011

My son, Danniel received his First Holy Communion last December 7. He is currently in Grade 3 and his school makes it a priority that all grade 3 students will receive the sacrament for the first time. It took them almost a month of preparation, not just of the flow of the mass and their participation, but of their own selves as well. They had their first confession as well. The parents were also given a retreat by a priest to help prepare their kids for this momentous occasion.
The First Communion, or First Holy Communion, is a Catholic Church ceremony. It is the colloquial name for a person's first reception of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Catholics believe this event to be very important, as the Eucharist is one of the central focuses of the Catholic Church.
Here is looking so solemn after the event. The following day, he received what he called his second communion during the mass for the Immaculate Conception and then his third last Sunday. Too cute that he was counting :)

I Am Hurting

Dec 12, 2011

YakiMIX is Love!

Dec 9, 2011

The best things in life are free and buffet food. And if the free buffet lunch is at YakiMIX, then it is love!
Three of our bosses treated us out to lunch at YakiMIX at the Podium yesterday and it was the best of the Christmas treats so far! Their lunch buffets opens at 11am to 230 and when we called to reserve a table for 6, they were already full but we can just walk in. Fortunately, we were at YakiMIX at 1145 and were seated promptly. Below is the buffet area set-up. I love the hanging chandeliers and wanted to bring it home, haha. The decor was very tasteful and the ambiance was great. While there grills at the table, it was really smokeless and we didn't smell of food when we got out. Our first stop was at the sushi area. There were lots to choose from and I got one of each. I cant decide which one is my favorite though.I also had greens from the salad bar and topped it with the white sauce (I forgot what its called).
So this was plate number one for me. On this first plate, I love the brocolli and the salad and the sushi and the siomai or can I just say everything? Ha ha! I am a no-left over kind of person you know?So, after a while, we stood up for our second plate and here it was for me and again, I finished them all except for the tonkatsu but only because it was breaded and I was too full already.After that second plate, we opted to get some desserts first. There were lots of choices for dessert: cake, pastries, ice cream and more cake and more pastries and more ice cream, ha ha! I got two scoops of Selecta ice crem and topped it with lots of chocolate. I then repeated this step several times, ha ha. After dessert, we were already too full and sleepy. But we haven't tried to grill anything yet.So we just got two slices of beef and some pork, squid and shrimp and we were good. By this time, nothing can tempt to eat even one more slice, ha ha.
So was it good? Yes it was not only because it was free but because I know the food and they were really good and I enjoy the company of the people I was with. The food at Seven Corners was way better because of the variety but the price was 3x more too so I guess for the price of P500, it was very much worth it. Will I eat at YakiMIX again? Yes, as soon as I have the budget. Will I recommend it to my friends? Definitely! We are actually planning to go there again next week!

My Mom's Hearing Aid is Finally Here!

Dec 8, 2011

Remember my posts on How to Apply for a Hearing Aid from PCSO? Well, my mom finally got her hearing aid yesterday from the American hearing center. We applied in September and we got it now, and it was a very short 3 months!
She was actually fitted the ear mold last November 18 but the unit was only delivered from abroad last December 6. My mom and my sister went to American Hearing and the proper use of the device was explained to them, as well as the warranty. Unfortunately, since the amount granted by PCSO was for P10,000 and two units cost P17,976 and I don't have any excess budget for that, we just got batteries that I hope will be enough for several months. My mom wears the hearing aid for only 1 hour a day, escalating to two hours the following day and so on per instructions of American Hearing. She can wear it for the whole day after two weeks so it will be a lot easier talking to my mom in the coming weeks! What a very great Christmas gift this is for my mom and our family! Salamat ulit sa PCSO!

To see how we applied for the hearing aid at PCSO, check out these posts here, and here and here.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Dec 7, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone! Let's count our blessings with both hands! Happiness is:
1. My son Danniel's first communion. He looked so angelic and very solemn during the mass.
2. My mother finally got her hearing aid. It was a grant from PCSO.
3. One Christmas party down, a lot more to go.
4. Diet is officially suspended during the holidays.
5. The fun we had making our mask for the party.
6. The lechon last night at the party and the Elarz lechon from Pakyaw.
7. Free ice cream from Vangie because she won cash from the raffle last night.
8. Snickers chocolate from Ms Ria. And I ate only half. The other half is for emergency use only, ha ha.
9. Slowly but surely paying off loans, thanks to the 13th month pay.
10. First Christmas gift from a client.

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Pedal and Paddle at QC Memorial Circle

Dec 6, 2011

I have said time and again that the QC Memorial Circle is our favorite park in the world, not only of its proximity to our residence but because there are a lot of things that the family can do here. And I am happy to say that every visit gives us something new! There is very minimal entrance fee of P5 at this part of the park, called Pedal and Paddle where their newest attraction are the boat station, go kart and kids station. For last Sunday's visit, we tried the boat station.There are lots of boats to choose from, depending on the number of passengers.We chose the Pagoda which can carry 5 passengers at P140 for 30 minutes. But there are Aqua Bike in different colors and the kids wants to try this next time.
I tell you, it was very pleasant experience to ride that Pagoda and rest while the kids pedal to keep the boat moving. If only they were that noisy, I could have fallen asleep! And here is my mother posing beside the lake of the Pedal and Paddle station. Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone!

Super Fun at Active Fun

Dec 5, 2011

I purchased two vouchers from Metrodeal for unlimited play at Active in SM North Edsa sometime ago but we were not able to find time to visit until yesterday. To say that my two younger kids had fun would be an understatement because they had Super Fun! The voucher was for P175 each, discounted from original P500 with free Soyami chips, water and ice cream which the adults ate. My kids posing with the clown standee.
You can just see from their smiles and laughter that they were enjoying themselves and Mommy was being annoying trying to take their pictures, ha ha!
Having fun at the trampoline! Good thing they are 9 and 7 years old or I would be hovering all over them because they may hurt themselves.
At least they still find time to stay still for me!
Those balls are for the canons they use to shoot at floating balls.
And sometimes at Mommy as she tries to take more pictures, ha ha!
Jumping at this sea of balls!
And sliding down at these giant slides! The kids played for almost two hours and because we were not that familiar with Sm North Edsa we decided not to leave the kids and just wait for them.
While it was a very short and enjoyable two hours for the kids, it was a sleepy, noisy and long afternoon for the adults. Too bad, Active Fun had nothing to offer to the waiting parents because otherwise, we would have stayed longer.


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