Mellow Yellow Monday: Field Demo

Jan 31, 2011


My kids had their field demonstration last week as part of their Foundation Day celebration. The elementary students danced under the theme Saving the Planet while the high school students showcased Philippine Fiestas. It was a very colorful and very beautiful event and the kids were very talented!

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone!

Mommy Moments: New Family Photo

Jan 28, 2011

mommy moments

Its a good thing my family loves to pose for pictures because I love taking them! So here are our recent family pictures taken last January 2 at the QC Memorial Circle. The picture below was taken at the musical fountain.
The next pictures were taken inside the Circle of Fun entertainment center in the Circle. Entrance fee was P40 and senior citizens were free. Prices of rides range from P30-P70. Here we were getting ready for a jumpshot.The family that eats a dinosaur together, stays together!
One of our more serious pictures taken near a scary booth. No, we didn't get in the booth, ha ha!
Here's to more family adventures this year 2011!

LP 136: Malambot

Jan 27, 2011

Ito ang aking bunsong anak at nag-iisang babae sa tatlong magkakapatid. Ang tawag ko sa kanya ay huggables, kasi ang sarap niyang yakapin. Ang lambot talaga at extrang unan ko siya sa gabi dahil kayakap ko siyang matulog. Malambot na ay napakalambing pa, wala na talaga akong hahanapin pa!

Hay, sana ay hindi siya magbago hanggang sa kanyang paglaki.

Never Grow Up

Jan 25, 2011

"Oh darling don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
Just stay this little
Oh darling don't you ever grow up, don't you ever grow up
It could stay this simple
I won't let nobody hurt you
Wont let no one break your heart
No one will desert you
Just try to never grow up
Never grow up"

The title and the lines are from the song of Taylor Swift and while listening to it, I am reminded of how my eldest son is growing too fast! He will be 12 years old this year and in a few years, he will be dating already. I feel so sad thinking about it! If he can only not grow up and remain to be my baby forever. I know that parents out there understand how I feel. I just dont know how this song could make me think of my eldest and how he cant be my little boy forever. I just wish he grow up to be a good and happy person. I know that I should stop thinking about it and let things be but a mother feels these things sometimes. Okay, I should go and check those bingo sites that I would recommend for our school reunion! I feel so old!

How to Care for a Sprained Ankle

My eldest son sprained his ankle yesterday during a dance practice for their foundation day presentation. During the dance, he stepped on a classmate's foot and twisted his own. He was brought to the clinic where ice was applied on his foot and he was sent home after two hours. He was not able to go to school today, but he was telling me that he will try to go to school this afternoon. He really wants to participate in the dance presentation but with this injury, I dont think he can. Anyway, here are the steps we did to care for his sprained anke:
  1. Apply ice on the injured foot to avoid swelling. The nurse did this while he was at the school clinic. She also told me that there seems to be no broken bone and it was just a sprain.
  2. Elevate the foot. As soon as he gets home, my mom made him lie down on the sofa and put several pillows under his foot so that it is elevated. So far, there is only minimum swelling.
  3. Rest. I told my son to rest his foot and to hobble on his good foot when going to the bathroom. This way, only minimum pressure will be applied on the injury.
  4. Massage. My uncle did this, but only a light massage to relieve the swelling. I also told my son to try and move his foot in a circular motion, only if there is no pain. He said he can do this and it was not painful at all.
  5. Bandage. My husband put the bandage on the ankle this morning to protect the injury because my son is becoming restless and wants to move around already.
I really hope that his foot gets better tomorrow. Even if he cant join the dance, I will come with him to watch the presentation at school tomorrow. I am just thankful that there is nothing serious in this injury.

Mellow Yellow Monday

Jan 24, 2011

This was taken at the restaurant at Coron Village Lodge last October. The ceiling decor was very nicely done and complements the ambiance of the restaurant.
The food we ate here was very good, the servings were very generous but the waiting time was really long. They prioritize the guests who are staying at the lodge, more than walk-ins like us.

Home Sweet Home

If I were to win the lottery today, the first thing I will buy is a house. I know there is something in my childhood that really compels me to dream of owning my own house. I think maybe it because I was shuffled from house to house when I was a kid. So, I want my kids to never have that same experience. We have a house in Montalban and we are paying for it already, but when the calamity that was Ondoy happened, my husband is reluctant to move there. I want to get another housing loan for second homes but when I received the sample computation, I know that I should wait maybe five more years before we can do it. The amortization is way beyond our financial capabilities at the moment. I know that there is nothing wrong in dreaming for our own home and I am sure that before we retire, we will be able to realize this dream. The dream of owning our own home sweet home for our family is something that drives us to work harder. I just wish that we get enough help from the world to realize this dream. They say that when you want something hard enough, the universe will conspire to give it to you. With a lot of hard work and a little more luck, I know we can do it!

LP 135: Malamig

Jan 20, 2011

Eto ang red wine na aming iniinom nuong nakaraang Bagong Taon. Hindi ko na maalala kung anong pangalan ng wine kasi ang saya-saya namin naglalaro ng Pinoy Henyo nun e. Tanda ko lang din na hindi pala masyadong mapait ang red wine pag ang dami-daming yelo at super lamig!

Kamay nga pala ng asaw ko ang nakuhan ko ng larawan. Pinapadagdagan ko pa kasi ng yelo para mas masarap! Kaya walang tama, parang juice lang!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Jan 19, 2011

Thank you Lord for a wonderful year that was 2010 and I look forward to an even greater new year! I am happy because of:
1. my loving family
2. supportive mother and mother-in-law
3. wonderful sisters
4. free pizzas
5. daily 5k run
6. Chippy garlic and vinegar flavor
7. Green tea
8. Apad
9. Plants vs Zombies, my newest addiction
10 Peanut butter!

Bags and Lockers

Danniel, my Grade 2 son has a new school bag. Although its just two more months before the end of the school year, we opted to buy him a new trolley bag. He has been using his trolley bag since he was in Grade 1 so I guess we already got our money's worth. He is just in Grade 2 so he is not yet allowed to get one of those school lockers. His school offers the locker for a minimum yearly fee and I am willing to pay for it than see my son lug his heavy bag daily. My eldest son who is in first year high school has a gym locker and he keeps his shoes and PE uniform there. I am okay with paying for these gym lockers rather than having to bring the stuff to school because my son keeps on forgetting them. I like that the lockers in their school are those new wood lockers because they do not rust or smell. I remember when my son's school locker used to the rusty, metal type because his uniform had stains on them. The only problem I have with having lockers is that he sometimes forgets to bring his books home, and then he has to use them for his assignments. I guess that I just to keep on reminding them.

Honda Bay or El Nido

Jan 18, 2011

If it was a choice between an El Nido day tour and Honda Bay island hopping, what time will you leave for El Nido? Ha ha, I know its really a no-contest but what if budget is the main consideration? So I guess its really going to be Honda Bay island hopping tour for me and my husband this coming March. Well, if I really have money to spend, I would love to check out those norfolk broads boat and see those ageless waterways and wildlife but I guess it will have to wait. Aside from having to decide which tour to take, I am still deciding whether to try and save P800 and stay at this resort even if I prefer the other one. The pictures of the resort which is more expensive are really good and my friend has stayed there already. I know that its really a month and a half before the trip but I am really excited and I want this to be a perfect vacation. That is why I will really need to ask my friends who have been there already if I should opt to visit El Nido and double our expense or be content with Honda bay. I wish I have more money to spend on vacations and not to travel on a budget all the time.

First Domestic Travel for 2011

Jan 17, 2011

My first domestic travel for this year will happen on March 4. I will be going back to Palawan for the second time, but this time, at Puerto Princesa. It is still more than a month before that trip but I am so excited already! I have asked for tour packages from several hotels and travel agencies and I convert their replies into pdf and have saved them in my PDF library. I will make a spreadsheet and compare the prices once I have received all their replies. My husband tells me I am so excited, and I know and just cant help it!
The picture above was taken, non in Thailand or Cambodia but at an amusement park in Quezon City. It is a reminder to myself that I want to travel outside of the country before I turn 35, which is just year from February. But I want to visit more domestic destinations as I can and I am even willing to extend my Asia travel another year if there are more domestic than international seat sales from airlines. Anyway, I still have to ask friends who have been to Puerto Princesa about their hotels and other activities and how much they have spent. Again, this is a budget travel and we hope to spend no more than P5000 per person for this trip.

The Camera That Conked Out!

Jan 14, 2011

Remember the camera that I bought last June 2009 from the money I received from blogging? The lens was damaged when we went to Boracay last July. What was so weird about it was that the camera I borrowed from a friend who works in Boracay also developed the same problem. I had my camera repaired last July, then returned it for repair again after two months and then again after one more month. The last time that we used it during my daughter's Christmas party, it conked out again! I bought a new camera last year already because I consider a camera tools of my trade, but I am still paying for it, interest-free. So my dilemna is what to to with this camera that conked out. I paid P1,200 for the repair, and P100 for every back-job request. The only good about going back to the repair shop is that they offer great photobooks that I buy everytime I am there. But I really cant keep on going back to the repair man everytime it conks out. I was told that the cost of replacing the lens was P2500 and I can already buy a new camera at that price so I just opted for the repair. But I guess I should have paid the higher price that suffer this! The other camera that got damaged will be sent to me this week for repair and I was thinking if I should just have the lens replaced at a higher cost. What to do?

Mommy Moments: New Stuff

mommy moments

For the first time, we did not our kids new stuff this Christmas. There were just too many expenses because we were building our home in Montalban and our 13th month pay were used up. But they still receive gifts from their Ninong and Ninangs, their Titos and Titas and from my friends and office mates. Instead of any material gift, we just opted to stay as a family in Go Hotel. That was actually our gift: we were at the mall all afternoon and we had dinner then we slept at the hotel. I am happy that my kids did not feel that anything was lacking because they didn't receive any new stuff. I am lucky that they were happy just being together as a family, sleeping in a new hotel that you would think we were staying at our own apartment london. There are other occasions that we will buy new stuff, like this coming graduation for Ishi and Drexelle's birthday in March. Ishi wants a roller blade and Drexelle a new bicycle and I know that we can already buy it for them at that time. By then, their classes would have ended and they can enjoy their summer break with their new toys!

More Blogging Time with my Apad

Jan 13, 2011

Remember the Apad that my husband gave me last week as a belated Christmas gift? Well, I can use it with a wifi connection and even with a broadband connectivity and it so convenient to carry around. I can use it for more than six hours after fully charging it. It really means a lot more blogging time for me and my four blogs have all been updated because of this. So this means I can take my blogging to the next level! I was reading some webhostingpad ratings if I decide to get another web host for a new website. I am thinking of setting up a blog for my cooking adventures. I think that it should be interesting because I am actually re-learning how to cook without my sense of smell. It really is frustrating, if you want to look at it that way, but it is also very exciting at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised to find out from my reading that I can get a web hosting pad plan for 1 year for only $1.99. And I am actually reeling that I know already what a web hosting means when some years ago I can barely make sense of this blogging thing! So armed with my Apad and my newly found enthusiasm, I am off to find the best web host. Good luck to me!

My Dream House: A continuing project

This is how my dream house looks right now. For those of you who wished to know what is so important about this house, please see this as a dream come true for me and my family and that is after a lot of hardships to make this house look like this now.
Imagine being minimum wage earners, paying rent and utilities and sending 2 kids to school. Armed with just determination, we signed up for this starter row house and lot in Montalban Rizal some 6 years ago. Then the neighbor let their dogs live in my house, with very good intentions of course, saying it prevents vandals from destroying my property. The dream was almost shattered, save for the employee loans being offered by the company I work for. Then slowly but surely, the house was built. Then came Ondoy and the dream was laid to waste again. But still, we persist to build this house. So, yes we are so proud of this house. And it is still a continuing project as of now. We are still saving for the second floor, a Patio Heater if needed, and a rooftop and a lot, lot more. We know that we will never give up on this house and one day, it will be just as beautiful as we imagine it to be!

Watery Wednesday: Paddle Boat Ride

Jan 12, 2011

Five minutes of sheer happiness for the kids for only P30.00: the paddle boat ride at the Circle of Fun inside the QC Memorial.To be a child and to be this happy at such a simple thing!
Happy Watery Wednesday everyone!

Why Exercise Wont Make You Thin

Jan 11, 2011

I was reading this article Why Exercise Wont Make You Thin which my friend shared on Facebook and after I read the title, I jumped into a lot of conclusions. But at the end of the article, it says and I have to agree, " it's what you eat, not how hard you try to work it off, that matters more in losing weight." The article also said that we end up more hungry after a good exercise and we tend to eat more to compensate. I think this is exactly why I am not losing any weight. I have no guilt feeling eating that extra slice of pizza because I will run again tomorrow, or I can eat that chocolate because I burned a lot of calories earlier in the day. I try to compensate and in the end, my effort on exercising to lose weight was just wasted. So it really is a matter of having a good eating habit. I now think of exercising to keep my body fit and free from sickness rather than for losing weight. I know that to lose weight, I should change my eating habit and just go for food that are really needed by my body, like fruits and vegetables and stay away from filling foods like the delicious pasta above which I cooked last New Year. It really is difficult to lose weight and I envy people who have discipline and can say no to junk food. I guess I need more discipline in what I eat and to just maintain my daily exercise regimen for a healhtier body. Goodluck to me

Mellow Yellow Monday: A Dinosaur Bit Me!

Jan 10, 2011


There were mellow yellow signs saying that I should not climb on the dinosaurs back so I just let him bit me!
Taken at QC Memorial Circle last January 2. Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone!

Should I get a DSL or a broadband connection?

Jan 9, 2011

It was a lazy Sunday for us today. We woke up early to go to mass at 9am then just spent the whole day checking on our Facebook accounts one after the other. The kids were playing with their PSPs and my sister was tinkering with my APAD. We take turns because our Internet connection was with a Smart prepaid account only. Good thing that they offer unlimited surfing for only P50! Now, my sister has been heavily hinting that we should already get a DSL connection. I used to have a Sun broadband postpaid account but I discontinued it after six months because of slow connectivity. I was thinking of getting a PLDT bundled pack that comes with a land line as well. The kids of course need the Internet for their school projects and I need it for my online jobs. The only reason why I didn't get a new one when I had my Sun line cut was because I need to fix my finances. But since things are starting to look up with my online jobs, I may be able to get a subscription earlier than I initially plan. Now, should I get a DSL line or a broadband connection? I still need to check the advantages and disadvantages of both based on our needs. Now, I just need to save those company checks that I have getting and not use them as much for online shopping so I can save for installation fees. And of course, I still need to set some ground rules on when the kids can and cannot use the Internet. So if you have any suggestions on which is better, please do share!

Mommy Moments: New Goal

Jan 7, 2011

mommy moments

If there is one thing that I am most thankful for, it is for my family. The good health, the happiness and the well being that we enjoy, I don't think that I can ask for anything more. I know that in this alone, my family is more blessed than more mothers out there.

For 2011, here are my goals:
1. More quality bonding time with my family. My kids are not into extravagant stuff and a day at the park is always a big hit with them!
2. Include the kids in making a healthy lifestyle. Encourage more exercise and active life for them.
3. Strive to have the best relationship with my husband. A happy couple always means well-adjusted children. I am blessed with the most loving husband and I want him to feel that he is the best husband in the whole world!
4. Save more and work harder to build the house and buy a car.
5. Become better parents and encourage the kids to be the best that they can be.

I know that these are very realistic goals, all working towards me becoming a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend and ultimately, a better person.

Losing Weight the Right Way

Its the start of the year again and after binging during the Christmas season, its time once again to rein in those calories and start on a diet. The gym at the office is now again in full capacity and its a long wait to use the thread mill just to finish my daily 5 kilometer run. Good thing that the guys using the gym are not that into Cardio workout but on bodybuilding so they only run for 15 minutes and move to the other room. My daily one and a half hour gym time has really been very helpful in getting enough exercise. I get to run 5 kilometers daily, do some reps on some machines and even enjoy the sauna three times a week. I just need to cut some more on my carbs intake and snacking and I will be on the right track. I gained a total of 5 pounds during the holidays even though I only stopped from hitting the gym for 15 days! But I feel that it was all worth it and have no desire to do a crash diet just to lose those pounds. The pounds represent extra quality time with family and if I need to run some extra miles during the day to lose them, I will gladly do so. I know that losing weight the right way is still the best option even though my clothes seem to fit me more snugly now, ha ha!

New Year's Resolution

Jan 4, 2011

I choose to make a New Year's resolution this year that will be sure to make me feel better all the time. Instead of aiming to lose weight or save money, which I struggle to do all the time already, I would like to aim to be a better person this year. Below is my New Year's resolution: To Look For Goodness!

Look For Goodness

"In everything, goodness is there, our goal is to find it. In every person, the best is there, our job is to recognize it. In every situation, the positive is there, our opportunity is to see it. In every problem, the solution is there, our responsibility is to provide it. In every setback, the success is there, our adventure is to discover it. In every crisis, the reason is there, our challenge is to understand it. By seeing the goodness, we'll be very enthusiastic and our lives will be richer."

Mellow Yellow Monday: New Year Noisemakers


If it was all up to me, we will celebrate New year making loud and merry noise using these colorful Torotot. Its pretty, cheap and safe and does not harm our environment.

But my husband has other ideas! They went to Bulacan early morning of New Years eve, the firecracker capital of the Philippines and bought these to make noise!
Yes, we did celebrate the New Year with a bang, lots and lots of it! It was noisy and fun, but I would really rather have just those colorful torotots above. Anyway, it was good that my husband and his friends still had all their fingers intact!


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