Bags and Lockers

Jan 19, 2011

Danniel, my Grade 2 son has a new school bag. Although its just two more months before the end of the school year, we opted to buy him a new trolley bag. He has been using his trolley bag since he was in Grade 1 so I guess we already got our money's worth. He is just in Grade 2 so he is not yet allowed to get one of those school lockers. His school offers the locker for a minimum yearly fee and I am willing to pay for it than see my son lug his heavy bag daily. My eldest son who is in first year high school has a gym locker and he keeps his shoes and PE uniform there. I am okay with paying for these gym lockers rather than having to bring the stuff to school because my son keeps on forgetting them. I like that the lockers in their school are those new wood lockers because they do not rust or smell. I remember when my son's school locker used to the rusty, metal type because his uniform had stains on them. The only problem I have with having lockers is that he sometimes forgets to bring his books home, and then he has to use them for his assignments. I guess that I just to keep on reminding them.

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