Honda Bay or El Nido

Jan 18, 2011

If it was a choice between an El Nido day tour and Honda Bay island hopping, what time will you leave for El Nido? Ha ha, I know its really a no-contest but what if budget is the main consideration? So I guess its really going to be Honda Bay island hopping tour for me and my husband this coming March. Well, if I really have money to spend, I would love to check out those norfolk broads boat and see those ageless waterways and wildlife but I guess it will have to wait. Aside from having to decide which tour to take, I am still deciding whether to try and save P800 and stay at this resort even if I prefer the other one. The pictures of the resort which is more expensive are really good and my friend has stayed there already. I know that its really a month and a half before the trip but I am really excited and I want this to be a perfect vacation. That is why I will really need to ask my friends who have been there already if I should opt to visit El Nido and double our expense or be content with Honda bay. I wish I have more money to spend on vacations and not to travel on a budget all the time.

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  • royjen12
    January 23, 2011  

    Ride the ROYJEN Charter Boat from Sabang to Port Barton and El Nido.

  • daisy
    March 18, 2012  

    so which is better for a day tour, el nido or honday bay? we'll be in puerto prinsesa in May and we have 1 free day to ourselves.

    thanks in advance for the advise. :)

  • Dinah
    March 18, 2012  

    El Nido is better but you will have to travel 6 or 7 hours more from PP to reach El Nido.

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