How to Care for a Sprained Ankle

Jan 25, 2011

My eldest son sprained his ankle yesterday during a dance practice for their foundation day presentation. During the dance, he stepped on a classmate's foot and twisted his own. He was brought to the clinic where ice was applied on his foot and he was sent home after two hours. He was not able to go to school today, but he was telling me that he will try to go to school this afternoon. He really wants to participate in the dance presentation but with this injury, I dont think he can. Anyway, here are the steps we did to care for his sprained anke:
  1. Apply ice on the injured foot to avoid swelling. The nurse did this while he was at the school clinic. She also told me that there seems to be no broken bone and it was just a sprain.
  2. Elevate the foot. As soon as he gets home, my mom made him lie down on the sofa and put several pillows under his foot so that it is elevated. So far, there is only minimum swelling.
  3. Rest. I told my son to rest his foot and to hobble on his good foot when going to the bathroom. This way, only minimum pressure will be applied on the injury.
  4. Massage. My uncle did this, but only a light massage to relieve the swelling. I also told my son to try and move his foot in a circular motion, only if there is no pain. He said he can do this and it was not painful at all.
  5. Bandage. My husband put the bandage on the ankle this morning to protect the injury because my son is becoming restless and wants to move around already.
I really hope that his foot gets better tomorrow. Even if he cant join the dance, I will come with him to watch the presentation at school tomorrow. I am just thankful that there is nothing serious in this injury.

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  • Thomas
    January 26, 2011  

    My wife just sprained her foot on Saturday. Ankle is ok but the outside edge of her foot is messed up. Docs gave her the same advice you listed here. I think keeping the foot elevated is one of the more uncomfortable things because it doesn't feel natural. Hope your son gets better!

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