Losing Weight the Right Way

Jan 7, 2011

Its the start of the year again and after binging during the Christmas season, its time once again to rein in those calories and start on a diet. The gym at the office is now again in full capacity and its a long wait to use the thread mill just to finish my daily 5 kilometer run. Good thing that the guys using the gym are not that into Cardio workout but on bodybuilding so they only run for 15 minutes and move to the other room. My daily one and a half hour gym time has really been very helpful in getting enough exercise. I get to run 5 kilometers daily, do some reps on some machines and even enjoy the sauna three times a week. I just need to cut some more on my carbs intake and snacking and I will be on the right track. I gained a total of 5 pounds during the holidays even though I only stopped from hitting the gym for 15 days! But I feel that it was all worth it and have no desire to do a crash diet just to lose those pounds. The pounds represent extra quality time with family and if I need to run some extra miles during the day to lose them, I will gladly do so. I know that losing weight the right way is still the best option even though my clothes seem to fit me more snugly now, ha ha!

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