Mommy Moments: New Goal

Jan 7, 2011

mommy moments

If there is one thing that I am most thankful for, it is for my family. The good health, the happiness and the well being that we enjoy, I don't think that I can ask for anything more. I know that in this alone, my family is more blessed than more mothers out there.

For 2011, here are my goals:
1. More quality bonding time with my family. My kids are not into extravagant stuff and a day at the park is always a big hit with them!
2. Include the kids in making a healthy lifestyle. Encourage more exercise and active life for them.
3. Strive to have the best relationship with my husband. A happy couple always means well-adjusted children. I am blessed with the most loving husband and I want him to feel that he is the best husband in the whole world!
4. Save more and work harder to build the house and buy a car.
5. Become better parents and encourage the kids to be the best that they can be.

I know that these are very realistic goals, all working towards me becoming a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend and ultimately, a better person.

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