More Blogging Time with my Apad

Jan 13, 2011

Remember the Apad that my husband gave me last week as a belated Christmas gift? Well, I can use it with a wifi connection and even with a broadband connectivity and it so convenient to carry around. I can use it for more than six hours after fully charging it. It really means a lot more blogging time for me and my four blogs have all been updated because of this. So this means I can take my blogging to the next level! I was reading some webhostingpad ratings if I decide to get another web host for a new website. I am thinking of setting up a blog for my cooking adventures. I think that it should be interesting because I am actually re-learning how to cook without my sense of smell. It really is frustrating, if you want to look at it that way, but it is also very exciting at the same time. I was pleasantly surprised to find out from my reading that I can get a web hosting pad plan for 1 year for only $1.99. And I am actually reeling that I know already what a web hosting means when some years ago I can barely make sense of this blogging thing! So armed with my Apad and my newly found enthusiasm, I am off to find the best web host. Good luck to me!

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  • chen
    January 19, 2011  

    hi..i just bought an apad on ebay..i dont know how to connect it with a wired has rj45 adapter..when i connected it to the seems that the modem can detect my apad,still i cant connect to the has built in bluetooth as well but it does not turn on..can u please help me..u can email me at a lot

  • Chenilen
    December 03, 2011  

    hi chen, you can go to for apad tips and tricks, connecting modems, and rj45 is really easy. :)

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