My Dream House: A continuing project

Jan 13, 2011

This is how my dream house looks right now. For those of you who wished to know what is so important about this house, please see this as a dream come true for me and my family and that is after a lot of hardships to make this house look like this now.
Imagine being minimum wage earners, paying rent and utilities and sending 2 kids to school. Armed with just determination, we signed up for this starter row house and lot in Montalban Rizal some 6 years ago. Then the neighbor let their dogs live in my house, with very good intentions of course, saying it prevents vandals from destroying my property. The dream was almost shattered, save for the employee loans being offered by the company I work for. Then slowly but surely, the house was built. Then came Ondoy and the dream was laid to waste again. But still, we persist to build this house. So, yes we are so proud of this house. And it is still a continuing project as of now. We are still saving for the second floor, a Patio Heater if needed, and a rooftop and a lot, lot more. We know that we will never give up on this house and one day, it will be just as beautiful as we imagine it to be!

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