Bio Fit Tea and Biguerlai Tea: Do they Work?

Feb 8, 2011

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I used to hate drinking tea because of the smell. But now that I cant smell it anymore, I am now an avid tea drinker. It is soothing and does not leave me craving for sweets like coffee does. Since I usually have colds because of my allergy, drinking hot water or hot tea soothes me. I usually just take chamomile or green tea for my stomach, as recommended by my doctor. But BioFit Tea and Biguerlai Tea are just two of some diet teas that are being recommended to me by my friends. And so the question is, do they work?
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I tried drinking Biguerlai tea last week. Since it is a laxative, I was expecting more bowel movements but there was none. I guess its different for everybody. Then I tried Biofit Tea last Sunday and I woke up by midnight because I had to answer an urgent call of nature! Wow, its a laxative for sure! And this has been my experience for a whole day. Although it was not unpleasant and I was left feeling more lighter, common sense tells me that this is not good for me. I guess I will just stick to drinking hot water, or green tea or good รณle chamomile tea!

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  • Anonymous
    September 20, 2011  

    I started drinking Biofit because I wanted to lose some weight. I read about it as much as possible. Of course there are pros and cons of this product. But as most things, take it in moderation and for a set period of time.
    The reason for my use was that at age 53, I found out one day that it was getting more difficult to see my penis. Yes the middle age spread had finally appeared.
    I have always been healthy and fit, but I discovered that I had become lazy. So I undertook a little regime.
    First I started taking Biofit at night as suggested before sleep. I also took it during the day in cold water and drank it throughout a 5-6 week period.
    Yes, lots of going to the bathroom, even in the middle of the night, loose stools and sometimes cramps. But I felt so much better.
    Now don't jump and say that is too long, it wasn't.
    During this time I also undertook an exercise routine. Instead of going to the gym I bought an Elliptical machine approx 10,500peso from Tobys in SM, which is perfect. And an exercise ball, which is cheap and really effective for stretching.
    I have lost weight, I feel healthier and fitter than I have felt in a long time. This two-prong attack is what was needed. Biofit was the initial help.
    I do use it once in a while now for when I feel I have eaten too much, especially pizza.
    I'm still exercising and enjoy it and guess what, I can now see my penis again and my body has shape to it again and I'm enjoying my new fitness.
    If you want any information, email me at

  • mara
    May 06, 2012  

    is Biofit tea okay for teenagers, 14 and above?.

  • Dinah
    May 07, 2012  

    @mara, I dont think a teenager should take this. just my opinion.

  • Anonymous
    October 10, 2012  

    biofit tea okay to male?

  • Anonymous
    December 17, 2012  

    Is biofit tea ok to women who is planning to get pregnant? And increasing her fertility?

  • Anonymous
    May 01, 2013  

    That means biofit is more effective than biguerlia

  • Anonymous
    May 01, 2013  

    That means biofit is more effevtive than biguerlia

  • Anonymous
    July 31, 2013  

    How is Biofit properly taken? Is it right after dinner or just as a dinner and no food at all?

  • Anonymous
    September 08, 2013  

    I started drinking biguerlai and also biofit, i drink after dinner after 8hrs of taking tea call of nature sometimes the effect is not good specially when your going to work i dont drink this anymore, i use lesofat its messy but its is good and approve by fda, fatty stool is a common side effect it eliminate fats through your stool.. I bought mine as low as 750pesos 20capsule 3times daily but i drink it once daily expensive but effective.. :)

  • Anonymous
    March 02, 2015  

    it's okay to eat whatever you want while taking biofit tea

  • Unknown
    June 15, 2016  

    is this truly effective.even without exercising

  • Anonymous
    August 04, 2016  

    you don't eat if you drink biofit tea

  • Unknown
    March 07, 2017  

    i take biofit for my constipation problem...

  • Anonymous
    May 17, 2017  

    Is Biguerlai Tea okay for 17 years old?

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