How to Increase Blog Followers

Feb 11, 2011

I have been blogging for some time now but I have not really made an effort to increase my blog followers. I know that some bloggers increase their followers by holding contests and then including in the mechanics that they should be followed. I do this most of the time and I see nothing wrong with it. I even enjoy doing it because I discover interesting bloggers because of this. My friend who is new to blogging asked me if she should try an email marketing campaign to increase her followers and I said that she should go ahead and see if it would work for her. I also enjoy exchanging links with fellow bloggers and that is how I want to make my blog known. I also join memes and visit other entries and leave comments. More than increasing blog followers I get to discover new blogs and leave more personal impressions. I think that is more important than getting impersonal followers who have no real interest in my blog and is just there to make part of a list. I want real relationships, where you both enjoy what the other has to share and her blog and you learn from each other too!

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  • Joy Page Manuel
    April 09, 2011  

    I found your blog precisely because I was 'googling' how to increase blog followers. Well, I totally agree with what you said about having 'meaningful' followers, ppl who actually do enjoy reading your entries, rather than having those who just follow so you can follow them back. I'm not too comfortable with that idea although I know a lot of bloggers do that. Anyway, I'm not commenting just so you can follow, haha. Didn't want you to think that. Thanks for this entry though!..made me feel less alone in my predicament.

  • iboss
    July 10, 2011  

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