Mellow Yellow Monday: Kayak

Feb 21, 2011

This was taken at Banana Island Resort in Coron, Palawan last October when we did our island hopping. We asked how much was the cost of renting the Kayak for one hour and it was P500! We though it was too much for an hour of kayaking so we did not try it anymore but of course, we had to have our pictures taken! I told my husband that I were to look for new homes for sale once we have won the lotto jackpot, I want a beach front property. I will buy a kayak and roam the beach for hours!
I have already tried doing for once in a Batangas resort and I really loved it! I don't know how to swim so I insisted on wearing a life jacket. My husband, who does not know how to swim too was worrying over my excitement at seeing that I can kayak alone! Well, I was born under the sign of water so he really cannot stop me from doing something that I love! I just hope that I will have a chance to try this again sometime. Maybe I can do this when we go to Puerto Pricesa next month! Woohoo, excitement!

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