Missing My Home

Feb 10, 2011

I miss my home! The last time we visited our Montalban house was in December when we hosted a simple post-Christmas dinner for family and friends! I have lots of plans for this house but I have yet to start any of them. I am not yet done painting the gate with green paint because we ran out of paint the last weekend we were there. We still have to buy a new carpet because the old one we had was in serious need of Carpet replacement. The edges were frayed because it got wet while on storage and wasnt dried properly. The smell was bad too. Anyway, I still need to find a carpenter to make double deck beds for the two rooms. I also have to talk to my uncle who volunteered to do the kitchen cabinets. I miss the house very much but we have no time to go there since last month. Either we were busy or I was too tired on weekends to do the more than an hour commute! If only my husband would agree to move in already! Oh, we are currently renting a house here in Quezon City and while it is very near the kid's school and just 15 minutes away from our place of work, I would still prefer to live in my own house. We have been paying for it for more than five years now and despite Ondoy and several setbacks, I know that there is no place like your own home!

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