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Feb 11, 2011

I work in a company owned by the family of the quintessential entrepreneur, Mr. John Gokongwei himself. When he lost his father at a young age, he was forced to become a business man. From peddling his wares using his bicycle, he is now known as the man behind a multi-million dollar company with presence in other Asian countries. He didn't become rich just by sheer luck, but with much hard work and careful planning. With Mr John and his characteristics in my mind, I am now thinking of putting up my own business. I know that I will not become financially independent if I will only rely on my income. Of course, at this point the business has to be something that will not require me to quit my job just yet. What I really want is to put up a canteen or an eatery. My mother can help me with it and she can get some of my cousins to help her. It will only require a small capital. We both love to cook and we know that this is something that we can really make work. Of course the only other major consideration is the location of our canteen. We can worry about our business logo design later once we have the perfect location. I hope we can find the perfect spot for us so I can already finalize the business plan.

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