My Dream

Feb 17, 2011

I have only several dreams in this lifetime and one of those is to own my perfect home. I can imagine the design and rustic furniture in the house. I imagine that it will be a three-storey, 5 bedroom house with toilet and bath in every room. It will have a garage for two vehicles and it will be in a privately owned subdivision. Of course, the reality is too far from the dream. We are currently renting a small house with one room here in the city and since there are 7 of us, it is too small for us! We have a house too in Montalban Rizal and we have been paying for it for some 7 years now but my husband does not want to move there yet. I can understand that he still fear that a similar disaster like Typhoon Ondoy that left the house flooded might happen again so I cant help but think that we should just buy another one. Who wouldn't want the house I described above? Truth is, I am already thinking of working abroad just to realize this dream. My kids and the fact that I cant live far away from them is the only thing that is stopping me from doing so. I just wish we win the lottery already!

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