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Feb 17, 2011

photo taken at Kayangan lake in Coron, Palawan.

I want to start a new blog today for my photography hobby. I want to upload a picture a day based on my emotions and let the viewer draw their own conclusions as to the photo. I have a point and shoot camera now but I think it would suffice for my purposes. I am an amateur photographer, a hobbyist and am still learning. Now, where do I create this photo blog? So I create it here at Blogger or should I check the domains that will fit my new blog? But since I am just starting out, should I try it here first at Blogger and see if I can keep up with the commitment to upload a photo everyday before I sign up for a new domain? Or would a new domain prompt me to take this photography hobby a little more seriously? I know that the domain name is the brand name for my new blog and if I want to be serious about this, I should really think long and hard. But I also just realize that even if I publish with Blogger now and then decided to pursue this hobby further then I can still get a domain later and just move everything there! So I guess I should worry more about the pictures than the blog, eh?

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