A Sad Day for the Philippines

Feb 8, 2011

photo credit: Inquirer
A sad news greeted me this morning when I opened my twitter account: Angelo Reyes committed suicide. The former head of the Department of National Defense shot himself in the chest while he was at his mother's grave site. There were even disturbing photos of a blood-spattered grave site. It is indeed a sad day for the Philippines because the country is now being made angry over the corruption in the military, where Reyes was once head. While I am very sorry for the loss of his family, his death may bring to futility the questions regarding the millions of pesos amassed by those in power. He may have committed suicide out of depression or maybe out of guilt or maybe, he took a bullet for the same corrupt people behind the plunder cases currently being heard in the congress. I dont know anything for sure: if the man was corrupt or if it was the system that corrupted the man. Either case, it is a sad say indeed for the Philippines because truth may be buried again. I hope for Angelo Reyes' familys sake, truth will come out soon.

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