Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Feb 2, 2011

I turned a year older yesterday. I am so happy and blessed to have family and friends who love me unconditionally. My kids made me this card and I was teary-eyed with joy for their love!Here is my sweet daughter posing with me.
Here are just some of the food we enjoyed yesterday. This cake from Cafe Jessie is from Citi, together with several boxes of Krispy Kreme muffins and donuts.
This is the simple meryenda fare for my bosses. Pansit, pandesal, puto and ice cream! A sure hit!
The mouth watering pansit for long life.
This was the lunch we enjoyed with my friends. The dinuguan from my sister Diane, the cake from her and Mishi, the other cake from from Blanda, Karen, Cathy, Vangie, Jheff, May and everybody else; the roasted chicken from the supermarket, the pork barbecue from my mom and the pansit again for long life. A simple lunch fare, made super extra special by the presence of wonderful friends!
They also gave me this gift which is a size lower than my usual and that may day extra happy!
It was a simple yet wonderful birthday celebration! I am so happy to be blessed with a loving husband and kids, super sweet sisters, a very dependable mother and the best friends in the world! What else could a girl ask for!

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