Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Feb 23, 2011

Happiness is:
1. Finding the perfect package for our Palawan trip for two. The pension is just cozy and I just wonder if they have a Patio Heater at this cold weather? If not, we will just bring jackets and stay indoors in the evening.
2. Delicious lunch at Eat Well for my boss Gina's birthday celebration. I really love their Eggplant hotpot and steamed fish in garlic! Yum!
3. Money from Paypal! Am just waiting to withdraw from my BDO account anytime now.
4. Facial weekend date with my sister and sister-in-law. This is my belated birthday treat to Kris who has always been a big help to me. She is very responsible and can be easily depended on to take care of the kid's school work.
5. Losing 5 pounds in two-weeks. I know its the easiest to lose, but I am hoping to lose 3 more pounds before March 4.
6. Loving green tea, our even house tea or any tea for that matter. I even love drinking warm water now instead of cold.
7. Goodnight kisses from the kids. Even if I sleep earlier than them sometimes like last night when I had a headache, they would still kiss me goodnight!
8. Unlimited internet access at home (prepaid, but still!) and fighting with the kids as who goes first, ha ha ha!
9. Paid vacation leaves. And more vacations too!
10. New shoes from Adidas. Shhhh, my husband doesn't know it yet.

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