What do you want to be when you grow up?

Feb 13, 2011

We were having breakfast this morning when my kids started asking me questions on what they would become when they grow. My eldest son who loves playing computer games and basketball said he wants to be an engineer or a professional basketball player someday. My second son who loves playing puzzle games and PSP said he wants to become a computer programmer. My daughter Ishi said she wants to become a nurse. I was already thinking of how good she would on those nursing scrubs but I asked her if she knows what a nurse does. She said they take of people in the hospital and they take blood and make injections. She is not afraid of hospitals and she actually enjoys going for check-up because I have made it a fun experience for them. I guess those efficient ladies in white uniform have made very good impressions on her. I told my kids that I will support them in any career that they would choose, as long as it will make them happy. But I am sure that I will burst with pride once I see my daughter wearing her nurse uniform some 15 years from now! For as long as what my kids want in life are within their capabilities and would make them happy, I will help them to realize those dreams!

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